Our learning center is about 1000 square feet and full of natural light in a calm
environment. We have eight different areas including a movement room, classroom,
creative room, computer room, courtyard, office, waiting room, and restroom.

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Classroom Drive is the main location for our elementary school academic classes.

With more natural light and a sound machine for calm moments, this room keep students focused and engaged.

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Movement Alley, the largest room at our center with a lot of natural light, is built for active play.

We have toys, games, books, movement and fitness equipment, and a reading nook.

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Creative Lane is the spot for arts and crafts, social skills activities, game play, and snack breaks.

With natural light, bright colors, and easily accessible art supplies, students can

independently and creatively lead activities.

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Courtyard Court is our sunny courtyard that includes a long stretch for running, our garden, pinwheels, bubble time, and

sidewalk chalk. Both entrances to the courtyard are locked on either side,

keeping students safe and giving them

an open space to explore outside.