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Homeschool Programs

The Learning Boulevard offers multiple expert services to assist families with at-home and distance learning for PreK-9 students. Whether you are looking for a full-time teacher, a curriculum, or distance learning assistance, we are here to help. Our three programs, Thrive, Empower, and Boost, offer flexible options for families.

Thrive Program

For parents who want a fully-managed, comprehensive in-home solution for their child

✓ Comprehensive, individualized curriculum

✓ In-home TLB teacher

✓ 15-20 hrs/week

✓ Weekly check-ins and progress reports

Empower Program

For parents who want assistance

to efficiently instruct their own child

✓ Comprehensive, individualized curriculum

✓ Parental instruction

✓ Weekly check-ins and consultation

Boost Program

For parents who want to supplement

their child’s current school curriculum

✓ Tutoring and assistance with existing distance learning curriculum

✓ In-home TLB teacher

✓ Up to 20 hrs/week

✓ Weekly check-ins and progress reports

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