The Learning Boulevard Elementary School, PreK - 5

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The Learning Boulevard (TLB) Elementary School is a new form of private, alternative schooling that provides each student with their own, individualized curriculum. Each teacher has the educational experience and empathy to facilitate a nurturing academic and social environment. At TLB Elementary, personalized learning doesn’t just mean that each student has their own plan - it means that there’s a framework for innovation to bring in the most effective educational techniques while adapting the curriculum and environment to the needs of each child. The end result is that students succeed not just in their core academics, but that they learn how to work and play cooperatively, thrive independently, and are empowered to become self-advocates in life.


Our Method

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At The Learning Boulevard Elementary School, we value personalized learning through academic and social instruction. We carefully create a customized curriculum for each student with our four core values in mind.

Our Four Values

  1. Instill a love of learning and foster independence in students of all abilities.

  2. Emphasize differentiated instruction that caters to each student’s specific learning strategies.

  3. Foster academic and social achievement through modern teaching practices and confidence building.

  4. Immerse students in a flexible, nurturing environment rooted in equity and respect.​

Customized Curriculum

The Learning Boulevard Academy follows California Common Core State Standards, giving students the necessary academic skills to stay on track and graduate to any middle or high school of their choice. The curriculum also involves creative arts, social skills, and life skills, empowering students to become creative thinkers and understand the world around them. Each month, a new topic is covered in the core subjects through a variety of activities, discussion, writing, art, and collaboration.

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​"So glad to have found this school for my 2 children. The curriculum is customized and not cookie cutter. I am frequently impressed with what they are learning. The cozy atmosphere is the perfect learning environment. Thanks Rebecca for providing this private school!"

-EP, parent of The Learning Boulevard Academy students