• Rebecca Cohen

5 Websites that Will Make K-8 Teachers and Parents Jump for Joy!

Many times, the use of online worksheets and applications act as a great assistant to educating our students. These 5 websites have been extremely helpful while working with elementary and middle school students either in a  school environment, at a learning center, or just at home for extra practice:


Website information: has games, worksheets, lessons plans, and more for all subjects. Their elementary level worksheets are fun, colorful, and easy to access. Price: You can sign up for FREE, but you can only download 10 documents per month with an account. How it has helped: Not very long ago, I was given a student to work with privately on short notice. He was performing at a K/1 level and needed assistance in every subject, especially activities including fine motor skills. provided me with a handful of puzzles, coloring, and cut and paste activities that I had printed and ready for my new student in a matter of minutes.


Website information: Memorang is a website where you can input your own study information to generate flashcards, multiple choice, games, and more for all subjects. Students have a progress score that shows when they master a concept, and you can easily view student data to see where they are struggling and if they have studied the information. Price: You can sign up for FREE and create as many sets of information as you’d like. How it has helped: I had a small classroom of 6th graders using Memorang to study their Wordly Wise vocabulary. When the students used the website and got their mastery scores up to at least 90%, they earned A’s on their Wordly Wise tests and were confident about the material. I was also able to check in to see if they were studying by logging into their accounts.


Website information: Aleks Math is an online application that can be used as either supplemental math practice or a full curriculum depending on what you are looking for. Aleks assesses student knowledge, tracks student progress, and uses a scaffolding approach to advance student along their path. Price: Aleks costs money to use and is a very intricate program; however, it is worth the money if you are looking for a complete math advancement program. How it has helped: I homeschooled a couple of middle school students who were previously at a Waldorf school. They were about two grade levels behind in math. After working with them for a couple of months using a curriculum I created for them on Aleks, the boys were almost caught up to grade level math, and their basic operation skills grew stronger.


Website information: ReadWorks is a website used for reading comprehension. You can get reading passages for K-12 students and search for passages by skill, lexile level, and text type. Price: You can sign up for FREE and have full access to these passages. How it has helped: ReadWorks helped me out when I was looking for a specific text type to help my 8th grade student practice her reading comprehension. For example, when we were focusing on understanding informational text, I was able to quickly search ReadWorks for extra exercises to aid in our lessons.


Website information: This is simply a Mad Minutes (math facts) worksheet generator for all basic math operations. You can generate numerous problem types and combinations by simply clicking a couple of buttons. Price: FREE with no sign-up required. How it has helped: Mad Minutes (60 second math facts exercises) are great tools to boost elementary school student confidence and knowledge of their math facts. By being able to quickly recite these facts, students are at an advantage when it comes to solving more complex math problems.

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