• Rebecca Cohen

6 Ways to Homeschool That Most Parents Don’t Think About

The environment of homeschooling can take on many forms. A student could be at home working solely with their parents. They could also be a part of a blended home/online program. They could be working with a private teacher at a learning center. The beauty of choosing homeschooling is that the environment can be easily adapted to the needs of the students and their families.

1. Homeschooling does not have to be taught by the parent.

There are professional educators who offer homeschooling assistance by full time teaching, part time teaching, or providing a curriculum for families to follow. This can alleviate undue stress and provide comfort in knowing that students are learning all of the necessary academic information. is a website that helps connect homeschool teachers with families across the Unites States.

2. Homeschooling does not have to be done at home.

Having classes at home can be quite a challenge, especially if the home does not allow for a school room or a place that is separated from the rest of the house. Parents can homeschool their children outside of the home for free inside library work rooms or for a cost in a different type of office or community building. If the student is working with an educator other than their parent, their homeschooling could take place at the educator’s office or learning center.

3. In California, “homeschooling” can be a group of up to five children learning together.

Did you know that classrooms with up to five students are considered homeschools in California? This means students have the option of experiencing homeschooling with other children, creating a social environment and giving them more opportunities for collaborative work. Parents can homeschool multiple siblings together or add friends to their homeschool group. If the students are working with an educator, the educator can add more students to their classroom as well.

4. Homeschooled students can socialize with other homeschooled students during school hours.

Even if there aren’t other students in a child’s homeschool class, they still have plenty of opportunities for socialization. Parents can find groups of other homeschoolers in their area by using website such as and These groups gather together during the day for educational field trips and social activities, creating a close community of homeschoolers.

5. Homeschooling can be done in partnership with an online school or online curriculum.

There are a large amount of online schools and programs, such as that provide curricula, tests, and benchmarks for students while they are being homeschooled. This gives parents the opportunity to take advantage of providing school at home while also ensuring that their child meets academic goals.

6. Homeschooled students can join extracurricular activities outside of school hours for socialization.

Homeschooled students can also take part in social activities after school hours by joining in clubs, sports, and play centers. These activities can be found by checking out your local community newspapers, websites, and after school programs.

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