• Rebecca Cohen

How to help your child when mainstream schooling is not an option

“Are you really sure this school is the right fit for your child?”

All eyes in the IEP meeting immediately turned to the parent, including mine. She was shocked and confused by what was said to her and had no response. What are you supposed to do when you hear those words about your child?

The meeting continued its downward spiral. I was asked to bring in a sample of the student’s work as well as my recommendations for assisting them in the classroom. Not one of the four teachers present took any interest in what I brought to the meeting. It was clear the educators felt that their lives would be less complicated once the student was no longer attending the school. As an Educational Therapist, this isn’t the first meeting that I attended that unfolded this way and unfortunately, will most likely not be the last.

“Why do I keep getting sent out of the classroom?”

Two parents, on two different occasions throughout the year, came to seek my help for the same problem: their child was repeatedly kicked out of the classroom for being “disruptive” and was therefore missing pertinent class time. If you child is continually being sent out of the classroom, how can we expect them to learn what is being taught to the rest of the class and not fall behind?

With so many students facing challenges such as being told that they don’t belong and being sent out of the classroom, it’s no wonder that thousands of parents are abandoning traditional schooling in favor of homeschooling, thereby taking their child’s education into their own hands. In fact, researcher Dr. Brian Raystated that since 2010, the rate of home-educated students rises significantly every year, especially in California. This means that more and more parents are encountering problems with mainstream schooling and are ready for a new solution.

Though homeschooling is a great option it may cause complications and anxiety for many parents. What if you don’t know where to start? What if you don’t feel right as the primary educator of your child? What if you would like your child to experience a classroom environment, but still receive an individualized curriculum?

That’s why schools like The Learning Boulevard Academy (LBA) are becoming an increasingly popular option. This new form of private, alternative schooling provides each student with their own, individualized curriculum and a maximum class size of only ten students. Instead of a single instructor there are multiple teachers per classroom. Each teacher has the educational experience and empathy to facilitate a nurturing academic and social environment. At LBA, personalized learning doesn’t just mean that each student has their own plan – it means that there’s a framework for innovation to bring in the most effective educational techniques while adapting the curriculum and environment to the needs of each child. The end result is that students succeed not just in their core academics, but that they learn how to work and play cooperatively, thrive independently, and are empowered to become self-advocates in life.

Rebecca Cohen, creator and director of The Learning Boulevard Academy, is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Education from Pepperdine University after previously earning her Masters in Educational Psychology. Rebecca inspires and achieves positive results with her students by drawing from her wealth of professional experience as a classroom teacher, behavioral therapist, individual tutor, and educational therapist. She is experienced in curriculum design for K-8 and has excelled at implementing strategies for improving phonemic awareness and reading comprehension. Rebecca combines a personalized and adaptive approach through differentiated instruction and most importantly of all, instilling a love of learning in each and every student.

The Learning Boulevard Academy is a school that specializes in individualized education currently serving elementary age students for the 2018-2019 school year in West Los Angeles. For more details, please contact Rebecca Cohen at or 424-442-0678.

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