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The Learning Boulevard Elementary School, PreK - 5
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Welcome to

The Learning Boulevard

Elementary School!

The Learning Boulevard Elementary School is a new form of private, alternative schooling that provides each student with their own, individualized curriculum. Each teacher has the educational experience and empathy to facilitate a nurturing academic...

The Learning Boulevard

Elementary School


Our Classes

Our elementary school follows California Common Core State Standards, giving students the necessary academic skills to stay on track and graduate to any middle or high school of their choice. The curriculum involves creative arts, social skills, and life skills, empowering students...

What's Happening

at School?

We are practicing meditation. Watch (or listen to) the video to practice our beginner meditation​.

An example of monthly topics include:

  • Life Cycles

  • Current Events

  • Origami & Paper Crafts

  • Setting Goals

  • Math & ELA Customized Topics

Visit our School Calendar for important dates, upcoming holidays, and our summer schedule.