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​The Learning Boulevard provides exceptional educational therapy, tutoring, and elementary school options to primary and secondary school students of all abilities in Encino, California. We provide academic and social support through ​differentiated instruction in a ​nurturing, non-judgmental, and flexible environment.

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Private Elementary School & Classes



✔ Low student-to-teacher ratio (3:1)

✔ Highly experienced & educated teachers

✔ Customized curriculum for each student

Rebeca Cohen

Dr. Rebecca Cohen, Ed.D.
Founder & Educational Therapist

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca earned her Doctorate of Education from Pepperdine University after previously earning her Masters in Educational Psychology. Rebecca inspires and achieves positive results with her students by drawing from her wealth of professional experience as a classroom teacher, behavioral therapist, individual tutor, and educational therapist. She is experienced in curriculum design for K-8 and has excelled at implementing strategies for improving phonemic awareness and reading comprehension. Rebecca combines a personalized and adaptive approach through differentiated instruction and most importantly of all, instilling a love of learning in each and every student.


“Gave my daughter a true belief in her own abilities and confidence 

to succeed.” 

—  G.T., parent of elementary school student

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"Rebecca is amazing. She has truly made a huge difference in my daughter's life. My 7 year old 2nd grade daughter began working with Rebecca to address reading, writing, spelling and handwriting issues, as well as related issues associated with her attention span. By using specifically-tailored techniques, Rebecca was able to elevate my daughter's reading and writing level from underperforming to well-above over performing. Additionally, Rebecca was able to provide my daughter with mechanisms (that my daughter has now intrinsically adopted) to become less fidgety and more attentive and engaged. Most importantly, however, Rebecca was able to give my daughter a true belief in her own abilities and confidence to succeed.

You cannot put a price tag on that!

We cannot thank Rebecca enough!"

-G.T., parent of elementary school student

Rebecca is wonderful!  She's enthusiastic, kind and engages our son in a way that he actually enjoys working hard and learning with her.  He has improved his phonics, reading comprehension and writing.  Recently she's also started working to improve his math skills, and we saw a drastic difference in just a few months.  She goes above and beyond to keep parents informed and will suggest different ways we can assist our son to ensure success.  We highly recommend The Learning Boulevard.

-N.D., parent of elementary school student

Teacher and Young Student
Girls in the Library

"Rebecca is an amazing, gifted teacher and I feel so lucky to have her working with my daughters!
She is the consummate professional, deeply knowledgeable and committed.  I am impressed at the way she works differently with each of my daughters, who require very different styles of learning.   The progress she has made with each of them is truly exciting.   My daughters enthusiastically look forward to their sessions with Rebecca and have developed a far greater sense of self confidence based on their work together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor,  she is fantastic!"

-S.D., parent of preschool students

"My daughter, 7, was diagnosed last year with a learning disability that made learning to read a challenge.  After a year of expensive therapy, she had the basics but was still falling behind her classmates.  We starting working with Rebecca only a few months ago, and already, we are seeing remarkable improvement.  My daughter is reading complete books, road signs, greeting cards, menus -- whatever she can get her hands on, she wants to sound out the words and read it out loud.  We could not be more thrilled!   Our son, who is in Kindergarten, has been working with Rebecca as well and is reading almost as well as his sister.  His teacher has noticed his enhanced reading skills and reports that he is much more confident when called on in class.  We wish we had found Rebecca sooner!"

-D.P., parent of elementary school students

Girl in Classroom
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Rebecca teaches our 6th grade homeschool daughter approximately 20+ hours a week.  Originally it was less, but our daughter loves learning with Rebecca.  Also, the progress Rebecca has made with our daughter is remarkable. Despite our daughter’s struggles with ADHD and anxiety, Rebecca seems to create lessons that motivate and empower her to persevere until she masters the material.  Rebecca’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication have made it possible for our collaboration to exceed my wildest dreams.  I am amazed at how much happier and more confident my daughter is.  Rebecca is an exceptionally talented behaviorist, teacher and educational therapist all-in-one.  We are blessed to have found her!"

-M.G., parent of middle school student


​"So glad to have found this school for my 2 children. The curriculum is customized and not cookie cutter. I am frequently impressed with what they are learning. The cozy atmosphere is the perfect learning environment. Thanks Rebecca for providing this private school!"

-EP, parent of TLB Elementary School students

"Rebecca has been a blessing to our family.  Our 6 year old daughter has severe ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder which makes it very hard for her to learn and retain information. Rebecca has an endless amount of patience and comes equipped with educational tools that make learning fun and exciting. I am so pleased we were lucky enough to have found her!"

-S.W., parent of elementary school student

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